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Name: Mr. Jonathan Moore
Phone: 813-630-5508
Fax: 813-630-5518
Address: 5701 E. Hillsborough Avenue, Suite 1122 Tampa, Florida 33610


The professionals at rojo Architecture understand that each commercial office environment is unique and requires patience and careful planning to meet the developer's and the tenant's demands. rojo has worked with many different clients to optimize their specific workspace and fulfill all of their office needs. Proper programming and analysis of potential office space frequently results in a reduction of required square footage. To solve this problem and others that arise, rojo architects develop detailed program spreadsheets that prioritize the use of space while staying within budget.

Great practices operate in spaces designed to complement the way each staff works. Proper medical office planning, from shell development to tenant buildouts, is a honed division of rojo Architecture. Having completed over 30 medical spaces, the firm excels in communication and responds to the unique needs of medical developers and doctors. Our established surveys and forms assist in the design process to quickly move it along, always mindful of budget and schedule demands. 

From small boutique bed and breakfasts to corporate giants, rojo has diverse experience in hotel development. rojo Architecture is also highly skilled in the redevelopment, addition, and renovation of hotel properties. With rojo's guidance, programming allocation and budget prioritization have helped several hospitality groups achieve success.

From initial concept to completion, rojo Architecture has worked with restaurants of every size. A large amount of planning is required to initiate a new restaurant and rojo is up to the challenge whether it is site selection or tablecloth design. We excel at providing our clients with full-service design packages to fit most budgets.

With over 80 completed religious projects, rojo Architecture has excelled in ministry expansion and growth. Our large portfolio is a testament to our firm knowledge and experience in this very particular form of architecture and is proof of our expertise in religious facility design.

For more detailed information on the services offered by rojo Architecture, please visit the company website, by clicking the button on the right.  

Year Business Started: 1998
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