Western Capital Bank

Name: Mr. Rob Perez
Phone: 208-332-0700
Fax: 208-332-0750
Email: rob.perez@westerncapitalbank.com
Web: www.westerncapitalbank.com
Address: 1750 West Front Street, Suite 150 Boise, Idaho 83702


Western Capital Bank was born from the belief that by bringing together the best bankers the market has to offer, a passion and commitment to business that starts with listening, and a deep desire to be of service, you can find opportunities that other banks miss. To us capital is the oxygen of business and we feel an obligation to help breathe new life into the Treasure Valley business community. To do anything less risks not helping to support the next Albertsons, Micron, or Simplot Company and failing the community we call home. It may sound unusual coming from a banker, but at Western Capital Bank, we really do see opportunities everywhere.

Real estate professionals choose Western Capital Bank for more than competitive pricing; they choose us because we have committed the time, resources and energy to understanding all aspects of their business. We have a genuine passion for the business of real estate which translates into a competitive advantage for our clients. Our in-house loan administration gives us the ability to oversee the entire loan process - start to finish - with responsive and capable professionals managing your draw process. Whether acquisition or development financing for commercial or residential projects, or construction or mini-perm financing for all kinds of income property, our experience, market knowledge, and commitment to value-added service enables us to see things other banks might miss. If you're looking for a banker whose real estate vision extends beyond the obvious, look no further.

Online Business Banking helps your business “bank” without leaving your office.  Features include:  Bill Pay, Funds transfers, Loan payments, Wire transfers, ACH originations, Online statements and Check images, and Security features adaptable to your company’s needs.

Affiliations & Designations:

Western Capital Bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).


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