Sausal Corporation

Name: Mr. James E. Ward
Phone: 510-568-6600
Fax: 510-632-9769
Address: 422 Whitney Street, San Leandro, California 94577


Sausal Corporation is a full-service commercial building contractor, able to offer a Single Source approach to the construction process by providing complete Design/Build Programs including site selection, site planning, building utilization along with construction management capabilities.

Sausal Corporation is experienced in utilizing cost savings techniques involving scheduling, materials, and methods of construction. Many times we can direct design firms as to the best economy of construction while maintaining aesthetics and quality. We can bring the team together by encouraging an atmosphere of trust and respect, while identifying differing interests and concerns.


Sausal Corporation has had extensive experience with both private and public clientele. As a full-service commercial building contractor we have expertise in the following areas:

• Commercial
• Industrial
• Public Works
• Private Development
• Renovations
• Seismic Upgrades
• Tenant Improvements
• Schools
• Medical Facilities
• Airport Facilities
• Hotel Renovations
• Communication Facilities
• Fire Stations
• Facility Maintenance

As Sausal Corporation has achieved steady growth in volume over the recent years, so has our level of corporate experience and our ability and capacity to fully satisfy all of our client's needs. We remain committed to providing quality construction in a timely, efficient, and cost effective manner. 

Year Business Started: 1972


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