Roel Construction Company | San Diego

Name: Mr. Jim Frager
Phone: 619-297-4156
Fax: 619-297-1522
Address: 3366 Kurtz Street, San Diego, California 92110


General Construction is the core group of ROEL's operations. From conceptual design through design development, construction, and the grand opening party, ROEL makes your project a priority.

Whether working in vacant or occupied space, the ROEL Tenant Improvement and Special Projects Group offers the highest level of safety, quality, and responsiveness.

This specialized group remodels and renovates existing facilities to make outdated buildings look and work like new, in addition to tackling special projects such as ground-up construction that require the unique expertise of this group. We are experts in bringing facilities into compliance with current Uniform Building Code (UBC) and Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

We offer our expertise in scheduling, estimating, design developing, and value engineering to help each client decide how best to build their project before it's committed to plans for bid. ROEL also can assist in the process of obtaining regulatory approvals, CUPs, geotechnical and environmental studies, and permitting.

Our services extend beyond general construction to tenant improvements, structural concrete construction, forensic, and surety claims services. No matter which of these we provide, you are the beneficiary of the best the industry has to offer.

For more detailed information on the services offered by Roel Construction Company, please visit the company website, by clicking the button on the right.   


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