Optic Nerve Art Corp

Name: Mr. Brian Clemons
Phone: 614-228-6044
Fax: 614-228-3789
Email: info@opticnerveart.com
Web: www.opticnerveart.com
Address: 1057 Goodale Boulevard, Columbus, Ohio 43212


Optic Nerve Art Corp. is a full service art production company, employing muralists, fine artists, craftspeople and similar creatives. For 17 years, we have been creating hospitality, retail, residential, commercial and themed interiors and exteriors. Our unique combination of abilities allows a greater range of solutions that fit any budget and our studio is capable of meeting all of your art needs.

Brian Clemons and Kristin Drake began freelancing together in 1987. Kristin was in undergraduate study and Brian, already graduated, painted large portraits on billboards. Brian had been an illustration and graphics major while Kristin’s emphasis was interdisciplinary fine arts. Together they created a highly skilled, well-balanced team.

In 1994 Brian and Kris incorporated the company (which had grown to 30 artists) to form Optic Nerve Art Corp. With the intention of bringing commercial interior design and fine art a step closer, the artists/owners acquired diverse machinery and equipment. Experimentation with materials and processes has kept Optic Nerve fun and cutting edge for 20 years.

This philosophy throughout the years has allowed Optic Nerve Art Corp. to offer clients a broader range of aesthetic commercial solutions.

Scope of Services:

Murals, Backdrops, Traditional Signage, Event Theming, Dimensional Signage, Applied Finishes, Metal Gilding, Multi- Media Signage, Event & Display Props, Banners, Sculpture, Faux Finishes, Silk Screen Products, Custom Wallcovering, Graphic Design and Interior Concepts.

For more detailed information on the services offered by Optic Nerve Art Corp., please visit the company website, by clicking the button on the right.  

Year Business Started: 1994


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