New South Properties of the Carolinas, LLC

Name: Mr. Dan Obermeier
Phone: 704-927-2897
Fax: 704-370-6099
Address: 1518 East Third Street, Suite 200 Charlotte, North Carolina 28204


New South Properties understands that commercial property owners desire creative thinking and innovation from its management provider to ensure optimal performance, both financially and operationally. We are committed to providing customized services that enhance the value of your properties. We recognize that each of our clients is unique and we will customize a management solution to meet any property management needs.

We will evaluate the efficiency, productivity, effectiveness and safety of your property and administer the appropriate plan to make improvements. Our attention to all property management issues ensure the highest level of Tenant satisfaction and retention.

Our Services include:

  • Develop outstanding Tenant relations
  • Monthly financial reporting
  • Develop and update annual budget
  • Collections and Evictions
  • Supervision of all vendors/contractors
  • Response to property and tenant emergencies on a 24-hour, 7 days per week basis
  • Develop vendor relationships
  • Weekly site visits to monitor vendor performance, meet with tenants on an informal basis, ensure compliance with all property rules and regulations and inspect property conditions
  • Quarterly property inspection reports for overall property condition assessment, noting all deficiencies and plans for corrective action
  • Lease Renewals
  • Solicit annual bids through preferred vendors for landscaping, sweeping, porter and trash removal
  • Evaluate capital projects and coordination of all project management activities as required.
  • Provide current market information

Additional Services:
Sales to rent Ratio. One of the early warning signs of possible rent default is when the sales-to-rent ratios exceed certain recognized benchmarks. As the property manager, we pay close attention to these indicators, which may aid in warding off potential defaults.

Percentage Rent Payments. Sales monitoring includes the calculation of monthly, quarterly and annual breakpoints in order to produce timely percentage rent billings.

Retail Sales Auditing. Tenants exceeding or performing close to breakpoint in retail sales will be evaluated and may be audited. Incorrectly calculated percentage rents have a direct bottom line impact. Under your direction, we will annually select tenants to be audited. It is our goal to build value for your asset.

# of property Mgrs: 2
Year Business Started: 1994


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