Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services

Name: Mr. Allen C. Buchanan
Phone: 714-564-7104
Email: abuchanan@lee-associates.com
Web: www.lee-associates.com
Address: 1004 Taft Avenue, Suite 150 Orange, California 92865


Lee and Associates is a full service commercial real estate brokerage company specializing in office, industrial, and retail. We provide location advice to owners and occupants of office, industrial, and retail buildings in Southern California. Lee and Associates is “owned by our principals.”

You’re buying commercial real estate. Or you’re selling it. Or you just have a question about it. Who would you rather talk to, an owner of the company? Or someone on straight commission?

When you talk to an owner, you talk to someone who will not just meet your expectations, but will try to exceed them—someone with a vested interest in building a mutually beneficial relationship with you. Understand this, and you’ve learned a lot about us and our innovative “Broker Owned” business structure.

At Lee & Associates, we’re not looking just to close deals, but to foster and build lasting relationships. That operating philosophy has helped make us the fourth largest commercial real estate sales organization in the country.

In real estate, the services are many, varied and often complex. They require expertise in disciplines as diverse as valuation and construction, supply chain management and advertising, financial services and tenant relations. Few companies are prepared and equipped to handle them all—and even fewer to handle them all expertly. Lee & Associates is one of those very few. 

License Information:
California Brokers License #00870947


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