Commercial Affiliates LLC

Name: Mr. Terry Robinson
Phone: 503-731-6000
Fax: 503-208-8053
Address: 205 SE Spokane Street, Portland, Oregon 97701


Commercial Affiliates LLC specializes in creating and implementing cost effective solutions to cure distressed commercial property.

Debt Restructuring
Capital Recovery
Debt Placement

Commercial Affiliates LLC offers unique commercial property advisory services to its clients. Banks, owners, non-performing, and performing assets… We have solutions for all of the above. Here’s a few of the benefits we create.

• Prevent Property Foreclosure
• Increase Cash Flow
• Unlock Hidden Capital
• Cure Non-Performing Loans
• Prevent Bank Failures

We provide you with recommendations that takes into account your business plans and objectives. We combine the experience of our professionals and strategic partners to create proprietary solutions for real estate transactions. Our assessment of your specific business attributes is incorporated into every proposed restructuring. Our goal is to provide a total financial package that creatively and comprehensively addresses your unique needs.

Commercial Affiliates management team has extensive experience in effectively assisting banks with troubled portfolios to relieve regulatory and reserve pressures and in working out distressed loans. This experience dates back to the Resolution Trust Corporation of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Partial Client List:

Client list is available upon request.

# of Employees: 5
License Information:
FDIC accredited specialists.


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