Bay Area Property Management Co.

Phone: 813-886-4433
Fax: 813-69-0467
Address: 1761 West Fletcher Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33612


With Bay Area Property Management Co., being an absentee owner of residential or commercial property doesn't have to be a hassle. Our property management professionals offer exceptional property management services that complement residential and commercial real estate transactions:

Identify and evaluate investment property opportunities
• Property management services available for all types of property, including single- and multi-family residences, commercial office buildings, warehouse/industrial/retail space, and more
• Evaluate investment property opportunities that meet your investment and/or income goals
• Not sure whether to rent or sell your investment property? Bay Area Property Management professionals can evaluate market conditions and property values to help you decide, as well as arrange the sale or lease.

Collect rents
• Collect first month's rent and adequate security deposit
• Bill and collect monthly rents during the entire term of the lease
• Process evictions, as needed, at cost of legal services
• State-of-the-art computer-based billing and record-keeping system ensures timely rent notification and collection

Prepare comprehensive reports
• Provide monthly itemized statements (includes all rent collected plus costs/receipts for maintenance)
• Develop annual statement for tax purposes
• Preparation of all documents for legal and binding leases as prepared by landlord/tenant law attorney
• Keep track of tenant occupancy through move in/move out reports

Rehab, repair and maintain property
• Licensed general contractor on staff for on-site repairs and general maintenance
• 24/7 availability to keep property landscaped, clean and well maintained
• Regularly-scheduled inspections by in-house field operation managers

Screen and acquire tenants
• Solicit, acquire and stringently screen all prospective renters and tenants via credit reports, rental history, references, employment records and criminal background checks

Management Fees
• Best of all, our competitive management fees make the cost of real estate investments more affordable than you think.

Located in the heart of the magnificent Tampa Bay area, Bay Area Property Management offers exceptional property management services that complement a wide range of commercial real estate transactions. From beachfront property to downtown office buildings, Bay Area Property Management serves all communities throughout West Central Florida.


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