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Finding real estate attorneys on the internet can be quite overwhelming, considering the volume of listings available. All law firms have attorneys but it takes a specialist to guide you through the complex real estate transactions that exist today. A landlord tenant lawyer, a tenant landlord attorney, a land-use attorney; they are called by many names and it takes time to navigate through random search results before finding a firm with a true real estate practice group. Whether you’re searching for an attorney to help you negotiate a real estate contract or need the services of a litigator with experience in contract law, knowing the commercial specialty of the firm is important in your selection process. is designed just for you. Unlike most phone or industry directories, our website allows you to search by geographic location and filter your results to include only those who specialize in a certain type of practice area or expertise. Selecting the right professional as your real estate attorney has never been easier.

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Our pre-screening process

We conduct research on all commercial service providers listed on Zoliath.

  • In most cases we review provider websites, specialty practices applicable to Zoliath, and resumes when available
  • In many cases we speak directly with the provider to become comfortable with their stated qualifications
  • In some cases we ask for and review additional information such as references and testimonials
  • Not every company is qualified to be listed on Zoliath. We require specialization, and your potential clients expect nothing less

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