Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join
Joining Zoliath is absolutely FREE. Once you have signed up and created a premium profile, the information you provided will be submitted to Zoliath’s team of copy editors for final suggestions and/or approval. Once approved, your profile will be published on the website. Please be aware that during this process, Zoliath reserves the right to review and approve not only your profile but your business as well. is a website created to help potential customers and clients review, compare and connect with “commercial real estate specialists” and our team must reserve the right to approve only those companies and professionals that are specialists in their chosen category.
Isn’t Zoliath just another online directory, such as the Yellow Pages®?
No, not at all. only profiles specialists in the commercial real estate industry. Every single profiler is pre-screened to ensure that the individual or company specializes in their desired category. Owners, lenders and tenants who use our website have come to trust that only true specialists reside on, saving them valuable time and money.
How long will it take to fill out my profile?
A Zoliath Premium profile will take approx. 15-20 minutes. You will need to have a copy of your company logo on hand (not a photo – photos do not work with our standardized format), as well as collateral documents including Letters of Recommendation, White Papers, Client Lists, LinkedIn personal URL, etc…
I don’t have time to create my profile. Can a specialist at create a draft profile for me that I can then refine before it is placed on the website for public viewing?
Yes. We have created hundreds of profiles and are quite good at creating them. All you will need to do is email us and authorize us to do so. Please include your company website in the email. This is usually the place where we obtain the information to create your profile. In the alternative you can send us a copy of your professional biography or resume. We will also need a company logo.
Why would I place a profile on Zoliath when our company already has a website? provides your potential clients and customers with a single website to review and compare commercial real estate professionals in 13 categories. Our marketing budget, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing process casts a wider net than most companies are able to do individually. Think of as enhancing your exposure on the web.
Do people really use the Internet to find commercial real estate specialists?
Yes. Fifteen years ago Google® didn’t even exist. Examples of monthly search volumes in some of our categories last year on Google® include:- Real Estate Law Firms = greater than 100,000 searches per month
- Commercial Lenders = greater than 300,000 searches per month
- Property Management Companies = greater than 100,000 searches per month
- Commercial Real Estate Brokers = greater than 50,000 searches per month

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Zoliath does not sell, lease, rent or otherwise distribute the personal information it collects to any third parties. The information is only utilized internally to serve our customers and improve our products/services.