Connecting with potential buyers

There are more ways than one to connect with potential buyers.

Like many retail businesses gearing up for the holiday shopping season, commercial real estate agencies can benefit from direct contact with both potential and loyal clients.

While advertisements can be used to get into the minds of potential buyers, mass email campaigns are also very beneficial, according to Fox Business. But like all promotion, real estate agents must recognize the proper way to utilize an email campaign aimed at clients.

"Try to engage your contacts using the communication method they prefer, on a schedule that suits them best this holiday [season]," Robert Burko, president of Elite Email, told Fox Business.

The right kind of email, social media and mobile marketing strategy can be essential to your businesses productivity. By communicating what your business has to offer, you open up the doors to potential clients. But that door can swing both ways, according to Burko.

Companies that deploy distasteful or substandard email campaigns can just as easily lose customers.

Setting up the right kind of email campaign
Burko's company, Elite Email, gave Fox Business a blueprint of what companies should avoid when putting together an email campaign, especially one that is being sent out around the holiday season.

Elite Email implored companies not to send too many emails, as it's an undeniable way to annoy clients. If your real estate agency is fortunate enough to have a list of client emails, don't harass them with spam or unimportant emails.

Sending the most vital information in a concise matter will resonate best among loyal and potential clients, which makes them less likely to unsubscribe to your campaign, according to Fox Business.

Elite Email also made it a point to advise against overly lengthy emails. Instead, focus on a single message or a customized list to promote happenings or information. Those types of succinct messages are easier for the client to digest than a massive manual on the ABCs of your company.

Breaking the barrier
Deena Varshavskaya is the founder of the online shopping community Wanelo, and she told Fox Business that members of her company regularly discuss "breaking the 'fourth wall'" with consumers.

In television and film, the fourth wall is a concept where an onscreen actor turns to the camera and talks to the audience. Varshavskaya said that type of relationship can be the difference between success and failure for many companies looking to make their mark.

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