Wood may be making a comeback for commercial architects

Timber is growing in popularity as a component for commercial buildings.

Wooden skyscrapers could be the path to environmentally friendly building for some commercial construction contractors.

While steel and cement have been the main ingredients for building a skyscraper over the past several decades, the use of wood may have a positive impact, architects told CNN. Wood has an ability to be very environmentally friendly for many reasons, according to the report. With forests closely monitored, it can be a healthy practice. In addition, wood in buildings holds carbon dioxide, while steel and concrete buildings give off a significant amount of the gas.

"We think we can go higher than 30 stories," Michael Green, an architect who is building a wooden skyscraper in Canada, told the news source. "We stopped exploring wood around 100 years ago (with the advent of steel and concrete); now we're looking at a whole new system using mass timber products."

Green added that wood buildings can also be competitive in terms of cost compared to steel and concrete buildings.

Many people may be concerned about a continued fire hazard, but the news source said that isn't an issue. Commercial architects can add char insulation which would help slow the chances of large wood beams going up in flames as most dry timber would.

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