Commercial Real Estate Media Changes

November 9, 2011
By Gary Marsh

These days, there are fewer changes in the commercial real estate media business than during the tumultuous ‘print converts to digital’ period from 2003 to 2007, which was followed by the relative ‘bloodletting of the scribes’ time zone in the 2008 to 2010 recession. Even so, there are newsroom changes of late that are noteworthy.

Jonathan Schein, son of Real Estate Forum founder and later, the original publisher of, recently came out of semi-retirement to lead Penton Media’s real estate media group. Penton’s primary CRE asset is National Real Estate Investor. Schein is listed as the “Practice Leader” while Marianne Rivera remains the Publisher.

Schein’s arrival caused a slight shift at the top of NREI’s newsroom. Out: Longtime editor-in-chief Matt Valley. In: David Bodamer as new editor-in-chief. In recent years he has run Retail Traffic (another Penton product) and earlier was on the Commercial Property News staff. Bodamer has a strong grasp of managing online content and social media, perhaps a hint of things to come for NREI. The other factor in the change is that Schein is a New Yorker through and through. NREI was based in Atlanta, GA. Bodamer and Schein live in New York. Separating the two roles is like having Butch hanging out at the Hole-in-the-Wall while Sundance trots off to Nevada to rob a bank. Update:

Meanwhile, Valley didn’t stay unemployed for long. France Media Inc. (formerly known as France Publications) is based in Atlanta. Valley used to work with Gerald France “back in the day” at a previous CRE publication. Presto! Matt Valley returns to France Media. His original post at France is as the editor of Heartland Real Estate Business – one of the five regional publications by the media firm. But stay tuned.

Whether related to ‘Valley Redux’ or not, France editor Dan Marcec, who was also the primary contact for France’s online news outlet, REBusiness Online, resigned within a week of Valley’s arrival. Marcec moved to New York to work in a hospitality trade publication. For a few weeks there was a leadership void at REBusiness Online, although fresh news items appeared daily. Now we learn that Nellie Day, who was brought in a couple months ago as editor of Western Real Estate Business (WREB), is the new editor of REBusiness Online. Day is keeping her ‘day’ job at WREB, too.

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