Landmark Sign Group – A website for the senses

People say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  If that’s true then the website for Landmark Sign Group reads like an encyclopedia, and that’s a good thing.

Landmark Sign Group is the owner of the website featured in this week’s Innovative Friday installment.  More so than most industries that use websites to promote their companies, the signage industry has a unique opportunity to showcase their work through pictures.  Set these pictures to music and you have a perfect recipe to impart more than a list of past clients or a paragraph about how one’s company was founded.  Music and pictures (used appropriately) make a website come alive and fill more than just your brain with information about the company.  They leave an impression that lasts longer than the minute or two that the website occupies your computer screen.

Think back to a memory of an event from the past few years; a baseball game perhaps.  When you remember the event, do you recall sounds and smells that you associate with this memory?  In a small way, the proper use of sound and images on a website can cause the same effect. In reviewing several websites for this week’s blog, I can’t tell you specifics about many of the sites I visited but I can tell you that when I think about Landmark Sign Group, my mind evokes an image of a “visual parade of pictures” and upbeat music that reminds me of Chicago.  This adds interest and excitement and as a result, the life of the website has lived longer in my mind than any of the others.

Try a little test with me.  Click on the link above to the Landmark Sign Group website and view it for about 30 seconds with your speakers turned up.  Set an appointment reminder for this time tomorrow and when your reminder alerts you, think back to the website.  Can you remember the website?  Can you remember more than just the words and the names on the sign?  Do you remember the music and how it made you feel?  If you’re like me, the memory will bring back the sound of the trumpets and the “parade of pictures.”  Congratulations Landmark Sign Group for a website that is well done and appropriate for the sign industry.

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