Innovative Friday – New blog column starts today

Since is in the business of helping companies in the commercial real estate industry market themselves, we are constantly reviewing company websites.  For the most part websites for companies who work in this industry fall into one of two categories; the first being very conservative and to the point.  There are a lot of references to a company being the “premier this” or the “highest producing that” but for the most part the websites follow a similar trend. They provide basic information without being too edgy (meaning they don’t make a bold statement).  The second type is the website that exists solely so the company can say “We have a website.”  They are clunky, hard to navigate, full of grammatical errors and have tabs that don’t lead anywhere.  These types of sites do more harm than good.  In both cases they read like an encyclopedia and are void of any “flavor.”

After reviewing literally thousands of websites over the last 12 months we ( can say that the best websites in our opinion are the ones that combine key information and “flavor.”  Every Friday we are going to highlight one of these websites.  Sometimes the company who owns the highlighted website will be one that advertises on but this will not always be the case.  Our goal with Innovative Friday is to make our readers aware of websites that are both informative, creative, and fun.  After all, isn’t advertising by its very nature supposed to leave the viewer with a positive lasting impression?  Just like memorable commercials aired during the Super Bowl, websites can impart a positive message in each of us if presented correctly.  We hope you find these websites as visually pleasing and flavorful as we do!

Our pick for the first website to be displayed on Innovative Friday belongs to Legend Retail Group in Denver, Colorado.  This is a site that is laid out extremely well.  It combines all of the elements of an informative website and does so in a way that engages the visitor to navigate far longer than one would on a more traditional industry website.  Cheers to Legend Retail Group for being the first to make the grade with  Legend is an advertiser on our website and can be found under Commercial R.E. brokerages.

If you would like to submit other commercial real estate industry websites for inclusion in Innovative Friday please send us a link and we will be sure to take it under consideration.  The only qualification is that the website must fall into one of the categories listed in  Have a great weekend.

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